Crush Jewel jewelry is more than what the eyes meet.

It is a product of long hours of cast, crave, hammer, and polish.

It is a solid silver that has been transformed into one precious piece that is meant to be cherished and passed for generations.

It is a piece for those who want to liberate oneself from conventionality and are not afraid to present oneself as pure as a silver.

Behind Crush Jewel

Crush Jewel is founded in Barcelona by Pei Chen Liu, a Taiwan native who has an affinity in fashion that led her to attain her master in a fashion degree in London, UK. Her passion within the field ultimately landed her in one of the most prominent jewelry institutions in Catalonia, JOGRC where she found her true calling in jewelry and what followed is the creation of Crush Jewel.

Brand Story

The story of Crush Jewel begins in  2022, when Pei Chen Liu, started to develop her debut collection: The Gazelle Collection and her artistic collection which in the same year some pieces from both collections were exhibited in Milan Jewelry Week and RVNHUS Gallery in Kolding, Denmark.

She then developed numerous collections that have graced numerous high end and prestigious pop-up markets like the Christmas market in Mandarin Oriental Barcelona and design market in the Design Museum Barcelona. Presently, her articles can be found in shops in the greater Barcelona area, New York city, and several exclusive digital artisan marketplaces.

Crush Design

The core of Crush Jewel design comes from the intricate details of nature that are often overlooked  juxtaposed with a right dose of unconventionality and pursuit of perfection. The design is then brought to life with the method of wax-craving which allows free hand craving in the creation process resulting  in pieces that are fluid, and organic.